analysis of gdp of qatar from 2007 onwards and how being chosen to host the world cup 2022 has effected the economy

I have a group project in which I would have to discuss the application part of the project. The theoretical part has been done already. Please read the document with the instructions about the application part and what to include.

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I would like you to write about the effect of the FIFA World Cup 2022 on Qatar’s economy in 2 pages

Please relate the application part to the theoretical part and show how the application supports it.

Please do not repeat what was written in the theoretical part but instead further explain it and prove that it is true as shown in the table provided.

Please use 2 sources at least to support your analysis. You could support the point on the increase in government spendings through giving examples on big projects the country is working on to finish in 2022. (The rail) (The stadiums..)

I have used this website to get the information provided in the table please include it in the reference list.

For the application part:

I would like you to analyse the GDP of Qatar over the years to prove that the GDP of Qatar has increased after Qatar was chosen to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022 which was in the year 2010. That is because Qatar needed to develop the country before 2022 to provide tourists with a high quality experience and so on. In addition I would like to point out in the paper that GDP increased as a result of an increase in government spendings. You can see from the table I have provided that government spendings has constantly increased after Qatar was announced to be the host and it eventually started to decrease in the years 2016 and 2017 because there is now less work to be done. I would also like to point out that unemployment has decreased as the government demands increase and therefore an increase in employment. The GDP decreases in the years 2016 and 2017 due to government spendings decreasing and a huge decreas in exports. There are other factors that I would like you to talk about in the graph but just briefly to relate things.

Please note that this would not cover the whole application part I am working on including an analysis of a GDP of two countries that have already hosted the World Cup and how their economies have changed.

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