how do you use technology in your everyday life

A) How do you use technology in your everyday life? Explain with at least 2 concrete and specific examples.

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B) What assumptions does Latterell present to us about technology? Give 2 examples, and cite the exact pages in Remix in MLA format.

C) What are the effects of technology on our lives? Are they positive or negative? Give at least 2 specific examples from the embedded videos and cite the videos in MLA format.

Clearly label your answers A, B, and C and type them in separate paragraphs. If you number or don’t label at all, you will lose points.

For citations from Remix, put the page numbers [or the location numbers if you are using the digital version of the textbook] where your examples are from in ( ) in MLA format. This is an in-text citation. So if you have an example from page 139, your example will be cited in your answer like this: (139), not (pg. 139), not (page 139), not (Pg. 139), not (p. 139).

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