i need to write a research essay at less 5 pages about how can university of tulsa considered as a food desert what are the consequences of food desert on university of tulsa students


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I need to write a research essay at less 5 pages about How can university of Tulsa considered as a food desert? What are the consequences of food desert on university of Tulsa students?

Using these Key Quotes

  • “Communities with few food retailers or supermarkets that stock little or no fresh produce, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and other healthy foods, those populations may be more likely to suffer from high rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity”.
  • : “Nutrition-poor food has negative effects on the performance and health of students. Fast food contains fats and high levels of sodium that predispose students to risks of heart disease and related conditions”
  • “There exists a commonality between food access, food availability and food utilization. So, limited access to food limits its availability and its utilization resulting in food desert related health conditions”
  • “There is a link between the techniques of production used to produce a certain raw material to have the final food product.If the food lacks enough information on who produced it and how it was cooked then there is a probability that its quality is not up to the required standards. Consequently, this can have an effect on an individual health”

also, I would like to write about experience of living in dorm, and fast food restaurants around the campus

also, I will give you 4 sources that I get me key quotes from them. You can read them and write about the research

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