persuasive speech for recycling

Persuasive Speaking Guidelines

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Note that there are three submissions for this speech: 1. Your speech topic, 2. A copy of your entire speech written out; 3 the link for your video. These are due on different days.

Objective: The goal of your speech is to get your audience to do something to make their world better. This must be an audience-centered speech where you identify some sort of problem that may affect us and then give us ways to solve or prevent this problem. This is not an ideological speech.

1. The speech must be between 6-8 minutes. Speeches that go up to thirty seconds over or under will lose five points. Speeches that go between 30 seconds to one minute over or under will lose 10 points. Speeches over one minute over or under will lose 15 points.

5. You must have at least seven (7) sources in your speech. Sources are where you get your information. These can be magazines, academic journals or newspapers. All the information in the speech must be from a source. You will saying your sources out loud during your speech. You will lose 5 points for each source less than 7 not in the body of your speech.

6. You must turn in a full copy of your entire speech with the parts and sources highlighted and/or bolded and a Works Cited (MLA) or Reference Page (APA). Your speech must look like the sample speech I have provided.

4. Visual aids are not required. However, the right visual aid can add tremendous weight to your argument (as well as points).

5. The speech must have personal solution or action steps. Telling the audience that a problem exists is not enough. You need to let us know what we can do to overcome these problems. When you research your topic, look for any possible solution to this problem. You will find many if you research and read the articles carefully. If you do not have solution steps that that audience can implement you will earn an automatic two grade loss.

Here is a videoon topic choice. (Links to an external site.)

** Again, you must give the people in our classroom something to do!!!!!

6. You will be graded on your use of ethos, logos and pathos. Use all three in your speech to make your audience subscribe to your topic. Language is very important in persuasive speaking. Pay attention to what you write. You will be graded on your ability to use words to persuade.

7. Content and delivery will be equally important in this speech. Your persuasive outline will be graded on content as well as structure.

9. The key to this speech is to use evidence, structure and delivery well enough to move your audience’s threshold to the point of action.

10. Here is a video on how to

Speak is on persuading my audience to recycle.

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