write an email as a reply to both of the emails that you have received

You have just received two emails, one from your boss or supervisor and one from a coworker. The two emails address the same situation. A minor problem has occurred that you may be responsible for creating. Your boss/supervisor has asked you for a resolution to the problem. Your coworker, who has been affected by this problem, is angry with you and has written an inflammatory email accusing you of creating this problem on purpose.

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  1. Using word, write an email as a reply to both of the emails that you have received. You should attempt to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible.
  2. Since your email will be received both by a supervisor and a coworker, consider all aspects of your communication including the formality of the language you use, grammar, and all aspects of formal communication. Your goal is to solve the problem and maintain your professionalism at the same time.
  3. On the same document, analyze the conflict that has happened. What was the cause of the conflict? How did you attempt to resolve the conflict? What did you need to address in terms of your supervisor’s concerns, and how were these different from your coworker’s concerns? Do you think your supervisor and coworker handled the conflict well in their emails to you? How effective are these emails?

Grading Rubric

Email effectively reaches a solution for all aspects of the problem and addresses all concerns in both emails. Solution reached is complete, effective, and does not create any additional potential problems.

Email is professional throughout. Tone, language, spelling, syntax and other aspects of communication are accurate and effective.

Analysis offers a clear definition of the conflict and explanation of the solution offered with significant detail. Comparison of received emails is accurate and thorough and indicates a high level of knowledge regarding these differences.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the two received emails is clear and complete and demonstrates a deep knowledge of concepts regarding the effectiveness of written communication.

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