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“Quality Is Personal” by Roberts and Sergesketter is a popular book. In it, the authors recommend using the basic tools of quality in our personal lives. Develop a check sheet to keep track of personal defects you have in your life (such as sleeping too late, being too grumpy, late to class, and so on). Use this check sheet for two weeks to track these personal defects. After two weeks, perform a Pareto analysis to determine where you have the greatest need for improvement. Next, use the fishbone diagram to identify the underlying causes of the personal defects. Develop action plans and make changes. Use control charts to track your defects for a week after the change. State conclusions. Need to turn in a document with:

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  • Check sheet (showing data collection – should show timeframe collected)
  • Pareto analysis (explain what has the greatest need for improvement and why you selected that)
  • Fishbone diagram – identify root causes and actions plans to correct
  • Use control charts to track defects for one week
  • Conclusions

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