answer the following question then reply to the 2 other posts provided with about 50 words per post

Question: Why is it important to identify all the paths that users are likely to take at a website before creating new content for a new website? Can you think of a website that is well planned?

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Reply #1: It is important to see and understand all the paths taken from users on a website to benefit both consumer and company. there are some people who understand web sites better and can navigate flawlessly, some who may need wording to be bigger than average in order easily go where they need to. To find a happy medium, informational reports are a great way to get data, facts , and feed back. you can use this data to set up a web site for maximum profit, satisfaction and efficiency. In my opinion, a company that has a great web site layout is It is no secret that amazon is one of the most successful online retail store, and one reason for it is self evident just by looking at the web site. It has large photos along with general links to areas of the website that are trending, such as Christmas gifts or winter clothing. You can also go into detail and find specific items by how much it cost, amount of positive feedback it has gotten and if it is on prime or not. It also, has to a certain degree, a form of simplistic back ground. Just like google, it uses a white back ground along with using the same format for each and every item, as to not cause strain on customers, leading them to stay on the website longer then anticipated and spending over what they originally wanted to spend. on a article in business two , Michael ugino goes over a couple of reasons why amazon is so successful most of them are based on customer personalization.

Reply #2: It’s very important to identify all paths that users are likely to take at a website before creating new content for a new website because everybody has different interests, experience, and ways of doing things when it comes to the internet. It’s important to gear your content towards a plethora of different people and not just a certain crowd, a lot of people are highly experienced with the internet and are able to use it with ease, but there’s also a portion of people who aren’t or are just newer to using the internet than others. These type of differences in a large audience should push the idea to make any new website user friendly to every type of person who comes across it. I would say that YouTube is an example of a well planned website, I say this because it’s very simple to use and it gets tailored to your likes and the type of things you watch normally, making it a more personal experience.

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