use both essays to discuss how poverty becomes a cyclical problem that is hard for people to escape

write an essay using both the essay of 5 full pages with quotes and citations. develop a clear thesis and the essay must have a proper introduction and conclusion with good body paragraphs . should have 3 quotes from each essay . use quotes to explain your argument and discussion. use the below given question to write. use the essay rough draft for help and use the ideas given in that

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question: It has long been “a cornerstone of conservative ideology that poverty is caused not by low wages or a lack of jobs and education, but by the bad attitudes and faulty lifestyles of the poor (Ehrenreich 2). As the gap between rich and poor grows wider, government and social policies continue to put the poor in even greater financial jeopardy. This trend is seen clearly in American prisons where “nationwide on any given day, half a million people sit in crowded and expensive jails because, like Daehaun White, they cannot purchase their freedom” (Kofman 4). For your third essay, discuss the cycle of poverty in America. While some politicians and pundits think the poor “have no one to blame but themselves,” Ehrenreich and Kofman outline how people trying to raise themselves up face monumental challenges from all sides (Ehrenreich 2). Use both essays to discuss how poverty becomes a cyclical problem that is hard for people to escape. Why does the American workplace and government refuse to put more policies in place to help the poor? How can America raise the level of compassion for the most vulnerable men, women, and children? What are some specific solutions to eliminating poverty? Why is the elimination of poverty so important to creating an even stronger nation and world?

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