2 1 discussion nature vs nurture endures

The evolution of the field of developmental psychology has begun to trend toward a more holistic view of development, and this is evidenced by the theories of hereditary and environmental interaction. On the surface, these theories appear to be challenging the nature versus nurture controversy by acknowledging that each is necessary and integral to development. Upon closer review, we find that the controversy endures as each theory appears to favor one over the other within the theory. Select one of the following heredity and environmental interaction theories that you believe provides the most valid explanation for the interaction of nature and nurture, provide a brief explanation of the theory in your own words, and clearly state which side of the nature versus nurture controversy you believe is favored by this theory.

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  • The canalization principle
  • The range-of-reaction principle
  • Genotype/environment correlations

In response to your peers, debate their position regarding the theory’s position on nature versus nurture, and challenge their selection as compared to your own regarding its position as the most valid of the three theories.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.



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The Canalization Principle makes the most sense when trying to combine two different theories on why people develop the way they do, and what influences that development. According to Shaffer & Kipp (2014) canalization principle is rooted in three principle ideas; that there are multiple pathways that one can go, that nature and nurture combine to make that pathway and that either genes or environment can limit the extent the other factor plays a part in the pathway. Because there is a combination of the nature/nurture principle it makes the most sense. This principle does propose that high degree of canalization does cancel out the environmental factor that plays a part in development. This is based on the usual maturing of people. The less canalized relates to traits such as personality, intelligence and temperament, relating it to experiences that the person has had. This too is related to if the environment is too extreme such as domestic violence, that a child will not continue to develop naturally or mature the biological way that they should. This has resulted in the fact that the environment took over the natural pathway the child should have matured.

Shaffer, D., Kipp, K. (2014). Developmental psychology. Childhood & Adolescence. 9th Edition. Wadsworth Cengage Learning. California, USA.

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