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1. For this assignment CHOOSE ONE of the following cases to read.

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A. “Case 2: Birth Control” from Burnor & Raley Ch. 9, pp. 191 -192 <—- Preferred


B. “Case 3: Locke and Load: Lockean Rights and Gun Control” from Burnor & Raley Ch. 10, pp. 220 – 221

2. Write 300 – 500 words on ONE of the following questions:

A. Which kind of birth control methods, if any, are morally permissible? Your discussion must include analysis of what natural law theory says about this question.


B. Do you think that individuals have a moral right to buy, sell, and use firearms? If so, should this right be regulated by the government? If so, how? Or should private ownership of firearms be abolished altogether? Your discussion must include social contract theory.

Hint on choice B: Do not spend too much space summarizing the case. Though it is a long case, make your summary short. Second, it won’t do to argue that 2nd Amendment guarantees a right to bare arms. That is a legal point. We are asking the moral question whether there should be such a right and what it’s limitations, if any, should be.

Your response should include:

A. A brief summary of the main problem and relevant background facts and a clear statement of your position on the case. (see item number 1 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiii)

B. An argument in support of your position on the case, which includes a moral principle. (see items 3 & 4 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiii-xxiv)

C. Describe and respond to at least one possible objection to your position. (see item 5 in Guidelines for a Case Study Analysis in Burnor & Raley, pp. xxiv)

Use in-text citations for any quotations you use. A work’s cited page will not be necessary.

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