aviation accident related to human factors

Accident Report for AVIA 3610 – Human Factors Assignment: Select an aircraft accident from www.ntsb.gov or another source. The accident should have human factors as a causal or contributing factor. It can be a commercial airline, corporate or private aircraft accident. As long as there is enough supporting data to write a thorough report. You may choose the accident you want to study from any source, but there must be NTSB evidence cited in your report. Structure Present the following in your paper:  Sequence of events  Describe the role human factors or physiology as a causal or contributing factor to the accident. Use what you’ve learned in the course and apply it to the accident you’re researching.  I don’t want a simple regurgitation of the facts of the accident. What I am looking for, and the bulk of what your paper will be evaluated on, is what YOU think about the accident from a human factors standpoint and what could be done to prevent a similar accident from recurring. I can read someone else’s ideas on the internet. I want YOUR thoughts, even if they don’t agree with the accident findings. Format Your report should be in accordance with APA format.

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the paper length should be 2-3 pages

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