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These questions will require more advanced thinking and consideration. Make sure to support your answers with detail, data and facts presented in the resources, along with ties to cultural and societal influences. You should also include theoretical perspectives as appropriate. You should NOT quote anything directly from any resources. Instead, you should paraphrase using your own words, and cite the source appropriately. When paraphrasing, think about how you would explain the concept or idea to a classmate or parent. Show me through your writing that you understand the ideas, not just that you can locate the concept in a reading.

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How does the home environment shape development in early childhood? Use concepts from this module and be specific as you address the following:

  • Overall summary of the importance of the home environment in early childhood
  • What influences physical health in general, and how does a family’s SES affect this specifically?
  • How do parents influence the development of cognitive skills such as memory and identity?
  • What environmental factors can influence a child’s intelligence test score, and how does culture play a role in intelligence testing?
  • How do discipline forms affect a child’s development and what factors influence how effective discipline may be in different circumstances?

*The reading materials are include in the file below named “Readings”

**please be in details and deeply thoughts.

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